Creative Economy is Pivotal in Shaping Soft Power: USC CPD Blog

In this article, published by the University of Southern California's Center on Public Diplomacy blog, the author looks at the centrality of a country’s creative economy in enhancing its soft power. The creative economy is primarily underpinned by traditional and naturally endowed cultural resources, arts, creativity, and innovation. Major economies like France and Japan and even smaller economies such as that of Wales and Maldives have harnessed the potential of their cultural resources as an economic asset.

“The creative economy of a country, when exported in the form of cultural products and services, also contributes to its soft power. It not only creates market opportunities but also increases attractiveness and global reputation. One of the major culture-driven soft powers in the world is India, which is endowed with a rich and diverse creative economy.”

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Image: USC Center on Public Diplomacy