Envisioning Museums as Global Soft Power Ambassadors

India Foundation’s Center for Soft Power hosted a collaborative discussion on the theme “Envisioning Museums as Global Soft Power Ambassadors” on 27.06.2019. The main speaker of the event was Dr. Deborah Thiagarajan, Founder Director, Dakshinachitra Heritage Museums. The round table was attended by numerous esteemed guests.

"Museums have always
been agents of Soft Power" says Dr. Deborah Thiagarajan, while presenting
on the topic 'Envisioning Museums as Global Soft Power Ambassadors'. "Think
tanks should work in cohesion with the Govt. to enable Museums are indeed our
Global Soft Power Ambassadors.", said Dr. Deborah Thiagarajan.

"Technology can also
be a great enabler for museums to reach a far wider audience.", said Dr.
Deborah. "China has mastered the art of promoting its museums.
India needs to catch up.", said Dr. Deborah.

"Private- Public partnerships can help in mushrooming of quality museums." said Dr. Deborah. The discussion ended with a Q&A session.