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Srishti Sambrahma 2020: Celebrating the Earth Mother


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Sun 04 Oct 2020

5:00 PM - 7:00 PM

Filming Wildlife

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Srishti Sambrahma 2020: Celebrating the Earth Mother

Filming Wildlife

Documenting wildlife reveals a lot about ourselves, how we have behaved with the creatures of the wild. It is important as an art as well as has great use as a science involving high field craft.

October 04, 2020, Sunday | 05:00 - 07:00 PM IST

Chair: Shri. Danji Thotapalli, Chief Curator and Festival Director, Indica Pictures


  • Smt. Rama Vaidyanathan, Dancer
  • Ms. Akansha Sood Singh, Wildlife Film maker
  • Ms. Gunjan Menon, Documentary Filmmaker
  • Shri. Gautam Pandey, Director, Riverbank Studios (India)
  • Mr. Ajay Bedi, Independent filmmakers, photographers, and wildlife conservationists (India)
  • Mr. Vijay Bedi, Independent filmmakers, photographers, and wildlife conservationists (India)


Featured Image Courtesy: Shri. Kalyan Varma


Shri. Danji Thotapalli

Chief Curator and Festival Director, Indica Pictures

Shri. Danji Thotapalli is the chief curator at Indica Pictures. He is a senior Global Technology sourcing professional with a passion for Cinema. Having spent the past 10 years at major Hollywood Studios - previously at NBC Universal and currently at Sony pictures - Danji understands the power of film and the extent of its reach. In addition to working in Hollywood, Danji has been associated with the Indian Film Festival of Los Angeles for about 12 years, and comes with a deep insight in to all facets of running a film festival such as community outreach sponsorship/ funding, event management, programming and media relations.


Ms. Akansha Sood Singh


Akansha Sood Singh is a multi award winning Wildlife filmmaker and a person full of ideas about making things at home - a DIY specialist.


Ms. Gunjan Menon

Film Director

Gunjan Menon is an independent wildlife filmmaker and writer from India. She specialises in conservation and human interest stories and has won multiple accolades with 30+ International awards and nominations across 15 countries including being shortlisted for a student BAFTA so far. Her work has been seen on Animal Planet, Discovery, BBC Earth, along with other local Indian platforms. This year, she was a virtual cinematography mentor at the NEWF Wild Women Media Lab, an initiative to guide ten women in conservation science and media from seven countries in Africa through the process of producing a micro-film. She strives to shift the limelight to lesser-known species and habitats and practices a cross-genre approach to produce action-driven content for the masses. She is the Founder of ‘Beyond Premieres’, an organisation that supports filmmakers to create tangible impact through their art. Gunjan was recently awarded the Jackson Wild Media Award as the Rising Star 2020.


Shri. Gautam Pandey

Film Maker

A National Award winner, Gautam Pandey is one of India’s accomplished wildlife filmmakers. Gautam studied film in Canada and has won several national and international awards for his films. He also conducts film workshops and has recently trained the Border Security Force of India in the basics of filmmaking and Cinematography. Beyond awards Gautam Pandey lives with a passion for the wild. Born into a family of nature-enthusiasts, Gautam’s passion for filmmaking started at an early age and he is now focused in using film as a medium to bring about awareness about wildlife and document unique animal behaviour in the wild. For the past year Gautam has been experimenting with cutting edge technology to push the boundaries and find ways to reach difficult and treacherous locations to document rare animal behaviour. He spent 2 years filming in The Great Himalayan National park to document the rare and elusive western tragopan which had never been filmed before. Gautam has also produced and directed several episodes of the TV series Earth Matters which is India’s longest running environmental series on National TV. He completed a film on forests for the Public Service broadcasting Trust in 2012 and tourism films on lesser known destinations and arts and crafts of Rajasthan for the Ministry of Tourism, Rajasthan in 2013. Over the last 5 years Gautam has traveled, trekked and dived to extreme locations and made films on important issues such as mangroves of India, high altitude wetlands, sustainable and net zero energy buildings and high altitude shepherds and impacts of climate change on them. He has recently completed 2 films a Co Director and Presenter for Animal Planet - Gyamo - Queen of the Mountains and Looking for Sultan Currently he is working on a film on the secret lives of Himalayan Brown Bears


Smt. Rama Vaidyanathan


Smt. Rama Vaidyanathan is one of the top most stars of Bharatanatyam and is a well known exponent of the dance form all over the world. She has been fortunate to have trained intensively under the legendry dancer Yamini Krishnamurty. Rama has also been under the guidance of the eminent Guru Saroja Vaidyanathan.


Shri. Ajay Bedi and Shri. Vijay Bedi

Independent filmmakers, photographers, and wildlife conservationists

Ajay & Vijay Bedi, are independent documentary filmmakers, photographers, and wildlife conservationists, who have been filming, researching and exploring in India for many years. Their mission is the conservation and understanding of key wildlife species that determine the course of all conservation in India. The Bedi Brothers films have been unique and challenging, which have also contributed to the scientific study by unearthing animal behaviors and its ecology, filmed for the first time ever. They have used their passion for making wildlife films as a powerful tool for inspiring people, spreading awareness and working with policymaker, researchers and local community for a common goal for conservation. The Bedi’s works have been recognized across the globe. They have been honored by the prestigious Golden Lotus & Silver Lotus; Indian National Film Awards. They are in fact the youngest Asians to have won the coveted Panda Award, popularly known as Green Oscars, at the Wildscreen, UK. And are also the Only Asian to have won nomination for The Emmy® Award - highest American award that recognizes excellence in Television.