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Ayushman 2020: Celebrating Ayurveda, The Science of Life


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Sat 19 Dec 2020

6:00 PM - 8:30 PM

Sthira: Ayurveda for Gen Z

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Ayushman 2020: Celebrating Ayurveda, The Science of Life

Sthira: Ayurveda for Gen Z

December 19, 2020, Saturday| 06:00 - 08:30 PM IST


  1. Dr. Rishi Manivannan, CHESS, Coordinator - "Everyday Practices from Ayurveda”
  2. Ms. Smrithi Rekha Adinaryan, Anaadi Foundation - "Choosing a career in Ayurveda""
  3. Dr. Somit Kumar, Director & Chief Scientific Officer, AVP Research Foundation - “DIY tips for your Self-care routine”
  4. Eliff - "Choosing a career in Ayurveda"
  5. Dr. Komang Sudarmi, BAMS.,M.S (Shalya) - "Choosing a career in Ayurveda"



Dr. Rishi Manivannan

CHESS, Coordinator Research Associate, AVP Research Foundation

Studied at a Siddha Gurukula for a period of 3 years after completing formal Ayurveda Graduation (B.A.M.S.) under Vaasi Yogi Arjunan (48th Guru, Sri Putru Maharshi Lineage) and studied Vaasi, Nadi /Pulse Diagnosis, Varma, Tantra, Metallurgy, Herbology, Silambam, Jyotisha, Manaiyadi/Vastu. Studied Ayurveda & Tantra under the Guidance of P.R.Krishnakumar for a period of 5 years. Later studied Acupuncture, Tai chi, and Sowa Rigpa under Dr. Tenzin Thaye (Visiting Physician, His Holiness Dalai Lama) Primarily driven to improve the condition of Agriculture & Animal Care & those who economically sustain on it though the branched sciences of Vrkshayurveda & Pasuayurveda due to a pre-disposed genetic familial trait of being associated with Cultivation & Farming since generations. Currently working on documenting traditional practices & knowledge systems and making it practically viable as a model of Sustainable Development.


Ms. Smrithi Rekha Adinaryan

Co-Founder Anaadi Foundation

Smrithi Rekha Adinarayanan is the co-founder of Anaadi Foundation, a spiritual organization, and ashram located in Tamil Nadu. She mentors the various educational, sustainability, and interdisciplinary efforts at Anaadi Foundation. Anaadi Foundation is dedicated to inspiring young people to lead a self-reliant and fulfilled life by blending insights from our Bharatiya parampara and modern science.


Dr. Somit Kumar

Director & Chief Scientific Officer, AVP Research Foundation

Dr. Somit Kumar currently works as the Director and Chief Scientific Officer at the Clinical Research and Pharmaceutics, AVP Research Foundation. He received BAMS degree from Sri Chandrasekharendra Saraswathi Vishwa Mahavidyalaya, Kanchhipuram in 2005 and his MD from Rajiv Gandhi Univ of Health Sciences, Bengaluru . He has also done PG Certificate course of Clinical Research and Clinical Data Management from Pune in 2007.



Ayurvedic Student

Elif, a Turkish student currently studying at SDM College of Ayurveda, Udupi, has completed her degree in 2017 from METU. While studying for her undergraduate degree she met with yoga and Vedic sciences including Ayurveda. Working as a yoga instructor and giving courses about yoga her interest in Ayurveda grew. she took a course with Dr. Somit and decided to learn Ayurveda from its birthplace India. With the scholarship from ICCR, she started her studies in India in the year 2019.


Dr. Komang Sudarmi

BAMS.,M.S (Shalya)

Dr. Komang is an ayurvedic doctor from Indonesia. She has completed her UG from ayurvedic college at Chennai and MD at ipgt&ra, Gujarat Ayurveda University Jamnagar. Before entering college, she had to join a youth empowerment program conducted by Chinmaya mission India for 6 months. She is now a Ph.D. scholar at d same college in Jamnagar and also started to work as a lecturer at 2 universities in Bali and Indonesia since the pandemic attacked the globe. Besides that, she is also a mother of 2 sons and an editor in 3 international journals.