“India Only Country with Potential to Combine Ancient Knowledge with Modern Education: Dalai Lama

The Center for Soft Power and Indica Yoga wish his HH Dalai Lama on his 85th birthday on July 6th 2020. Sending his greetings on the occasion of the one month long Global Yoga Festival by Indica Yoga, the spiritual leader of the Tibetan people, wrote to Indica Yoga wishing them success for the festival.

He says: Yoga is an integral part of India's ancient culture and has been of great benefit to many around the world, helping them lead healthy and peaceful lives. "India's rich civilizational heritage is rooted in the long standing traditions of karuna and ahimsa: compassion and non-violence. I believe India is the only country with the potential to combine its ancient knowledge with modern education. We must, therefore, endeavour to integrate India's ancient wisdom with contemporary approaches to schooling, with the aim of promoting positive human values."

His Holiness adds that when individuals find inner peace, "families, communities and nations too can live harmoniously. I am personally committed to encouraging a greater awareness of India's historic understanding of the working of the mind and emotions."

He sent his wishes for Indica Yoga's Global Festival of Wellness, and its success in promoting a greater awareness of the benefits of yoga in maintaining a healthy, peaceful body and mind.